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I didn't receive it

It just tells me that the address that is provided is very little or incorrect.

Baseus LED Digital Display 100W USB C to USB C Fast Charger Cable PD

Good cable with display and does not heat up

Great product that offers a truly flexible solution for mounting your iPhone in a car

Great design and the functionality is great. First one arrived didnt work, so left a bad review, was contacted immediately by the company and they agreed to send a new one which does work thankfully. My only issue is the wireless charger is very slow. Not sure if this is a normal issue with wireless chargers as this is the first ive used, but whilst using google maps my phone actually loses battery despite being on charge. Granted it loses slower than without being on charge, but not overly useful on long journeys as i have to plug the phone in anyway

Nice product but …..

Unable to get the velcro pad to stick to the surface of the car without it pulling off when I then remove my phone from the mount. Have tried to mount on a plastic surface as well as the side area (glass) of the sat nav screen. Shame … seemed like the solution I needed….

Good product

Well made and robust. Not the cheapest cable around but this is a quality product and will last

Not too happy

Wanted 2 lightening charging leads for my Apple phone in different lengths…. Unfortunately I ended up with 1 lightening
( the shorter length) perfect and 1 longer length unfortunately sent as C, Disaster !
The right, right angle leads are good !

Not received!

Tracking No given is a waste of time as cable is not in transit and way over estimated delivery date. I’ve had to purchase another cable so that I can charge and use my phone.

Just the job!

I wasn't sure if I would find a cable to suit my needs, but this is ideal. It's short, it has right angle plugs on both ends, and in addition the USB-A end can be fitted either way round, which I've never seen before. Ideal - quick service too. Thanks.

Haven't received them yet

Haven't received them yet so can't give u feed back but will once I get them


I have not received my order yet so cannot comment on pro Forman email.
Now I have it it’s excellent.

Great little flashlight for the size, weight and performance, this is extremely impressive.

I have surefire for more robust/tactical applications. But this is very handy in lots of situations. A must for EDC scenarios.

New to pc made it a lot easier playing games like final fantasy 14